Othello Building C

Located adjacent to the Othello Light Rail Station, Othello Building C will provide workforce housing as well an Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic to the surrounding community.

Located at the northwest corner of Othello Square and South Othello Street in Seattle, “Building C” will be dedicated to both workforce housing and an Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic. While the fully integrated pediatric, medical, dental and mental health clinic will take up the bottom two floors of the building, the upper five floors will be workforce housing available to individuals and families earning 65 to 120 percent of AMI.

The project is part of the larger Othello Square Campus, which is a uniquely integrated, culturally competent and welcoming gateway center comprised of four development parcels. The Campus is designed to represent the diverse and international nature of Southeast Seattle, a community where all residents and neighbors find homes, educational and business development opportunities, family-wage jobs, health care, social services and a variety of small enterprises at which to shop, eat and play.