North State Street’s housing project will help serve the growing demand for Western students, faculty and professionals in Bellingham.

Stateside is a 270,000 square foot housing project which will serve Western Washington University students, faculty and professionals in the Bellingham area. The two building site incorporates an open and outdoorsy vibe and progressive commitment to sustainability that sits adjacent to the South Bay Trail. The building’s exteriors incorporate high-end materials with an emphasis on brick that blends in with the current streetscape and surrounding neighborhood.

Stateside’s enviable location on the WTA route connecting Downtown and Fairhaven will also model a less auto-dependent future by promoting walking, cycling, car-sharing and public transportation methods. The site also has a walk score of 90 being located in a dense, mixed-use neighborhood with nearby amenities, food and entertainment. The programming in the building is thoughtfully designed with study rooms, a fitness center, community kitchen, rooftop deck, bike storage and in-unit furniture provided for future residents.