University of Oregon- Bean Hall Feasibility Study

In June of 2015, the University of Oregon asked Spectrum to conduct a feasibility study on the potential renovation of Bean Hall.

Spectrum assembled a study that considered the costs for the modernization, renovation and addition to the existing hall. Bean Hall was originally constructed in the early 1960’s and currently has 356 traditional double occupancy rooms that utilize community bathrooms as well as sixteen Resident Assistant rooms with an in-room bathroom. The project assumes construction over two phases between the summer of 2017 and the summer of 2019. The renovated hall would maintain much of the existing residential room layout, but it would assume a complete remodel of all community bathrooms. The University of Oregon Housing Office’s goal for this project is to modernize Bean Hall and make it a “jewel” within the housing system by providing an accessible and updated residential community experience with the addition of lounge and study spaces on each floor and the addition of living community spaces that will bring all resident’s together in a central area.

Spectrum, utilizing some general assumptions, provided a study that concluded the University of Oregon would be able to achieve their renovation goals for Bean Hall within their targeted budget. As part of the study, Spectrum conducted a financial analysis which included looking at several different HVAC systems and a building analysis to determine how much of the existing building could be re-utilized.

The study, completed in November of 2015, assisted the University of Oregon in deciding to move forward with the renovation. Spectrum is currently working with the University of Oregon on the renovation.