University of Washington- Bothell Housing Demand Study

In 2014, Spectrum Development Solutions was engaged by the University of Washington Bothell to conduct a feasibility study for the addition of a residence hall to the campus.

Spectrum was asked to evaluate site options for the location of a new 500-bed student housing facility, provide financial analysis of the project, and analyze market conditions and demand for the new facility. Spectrum reviewed UW Bothell’s existing conditions with respect to enrollment trends, projected growth, student demographics, and off-campus market conditions, and used these findings to quantify demand for housing. In developing the student housing market demand study assessment, Spectrum undertook the following tasks:

Met with college/university officials

Reviewed prior plans, studies and maps

Toured the Bothell campus to review sites under consideration

Compiled information on university enrollment trends, student housing policy and on-campus housing inventory

Evaluated demographic trends for the City of Bothell and UW Bothell Students

Conducted an off-campus market analysis to assess the competitive environment for potential on campus housing, with consideration of off-campus housing rates, facility conditions, and amenities

Designed an electronic survey for distribution to current UW Bothell students to define demographic characteristics of target markets, quantify overall demand through the housing demand model, selection criteria, preferred amenities, and current living conditions

Analyzed findings to assess demand for student housing